• So, why choose Home Inspector M.D.?

    Infrared Thermal Inspections (IR) that are free with every inspection

    We offer a free (others may charge hundreds of dollars) infrared thermal inspection for every standard inspection. IR thermal inspections are not standard in the industry, so not every inspector will perform this part of the inspection. Why does this matter? It matters because an IR thermal inspection can see things normal inspections cannot. Although not perfect, it allows us to potentially see issues with moisture, energy efficiency and possible electrical problems that a visual inspection cannot.


    Another common piece of equipment we use as standard, even though it is beyond the standard of practice in the industry, is drones. Of note, certain weather conditions (high winds, heavy snow or rain) may prevent the safe use of drones.
    For safety reasons, too high/steep, wet, or snow-covered roofs make it unsafe to walk on roofs. The type of roof material may also prevent inspectors from walking on roofs. Roof types such as clay and metal are not the types inspectors walk on, because of the potential damage it can cause. Drones allow visual inspection of parts of the roof that were previously not visually accessible.

    Focus on Knowledge for First-Time Home Buyers

    For clients who are just buying their first house or are transitioning from condo/apartment living to house living, it can be a learning curve. As a homeowner, you are now responsible for problems in the house and emergencies. You should know how systems work in your home.

    The common theme on this website and in each inspection is more knowledge of the systems and how they work. We encourage the clients to not skip the inspection process and to be there to see and ASK QUESTIONS, about each system in a house. Have a question even after the inspection? Just, use the contact form or email us and we will reply.

    We'll Buy your Home Guarantee

    Home Inspector M.D., has an association with InterNACHI to offer the home buyer their "We'll Buy Your Home" buyback program. If you choose us the honour to do your home inspection, you have the reassurance of the buyback guarantee. Click here for more information.

    Total Focus

    Our default is to do only ONE inspection per day. When you schedule a date and time online, we will automatically block the rest of the day so we can provide you with 100% focus on your inspection. Many inspectors are doing two, maybe even three inspections per day. We focus only on your inspection and not thinking ahead of the next inspection on the same day.

    Premium Reports

    We believe the best report in terms of navigation and presentation is the Horizon report software by Carson Dunlop. It has easy navigation with a single click to any system in the house. See our report page for more information. The information is presented in an easy-to-understand and read format. 
    We noticed that many inspection reports in PDF format have low-resolution photos with no comments. Can you zoom in on a photo to see it better? No, all you get are blocky photos. All the photos in our reports are high-resolution photos that are clear and be zoomed in for better clarity. Each photo ⇾ points to the problem in the photo with a comment. All reports are in PDF format, with a complete backup of photos and videos on request.

    Free Home Reference Book (Online PDF)

    As part of every inspection report is the free Home Reference Book. Think of this book as a home maintenance book to help the new homeowner know more about the house and its systems. This is over 450 pages worth of valuable information that is yours for free.


    Our inspection fees are very reasonable and are much lower than the fees requested from larger companies. See our complete fees list here