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    Our focus service area is Mississauga and surrounding areas: Brampton, Oakville, Milton, and Etobicoke. Beyond the GTA on request.

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    Certified Professional Inspector with an emphasis on first-time homebuyers. We encourage your questions and buying with better knowledge.

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  • Why get a Home Inspection?

    Performing a home inspection is important because for most people this will be the biggest purchase of their life. Buying a house without a good home inspection is a roll of the dice. Without an impartial inspection, you have so much less information to determine if you are buying a quality home or a money pit. Ask yourself one question. Am I going to spend my life savings based on a 20-minute walking visit? Why not get a second, impartial opinion that will cost you around 0.0004% of the cost of the house?

    The purpose of a home inspection before you purchase is knowledge about the house you are about to buy. What do you know about the house utilities such as the furnace, air conditioner, or electrical panel? Are they nearing the end of life, are they in good condition, or will they need replacing after you move in? What details about the exterior of the house may cause moisture issues in the future? Can you renegotiate the deal with the seller and save yourself thousands of dollars?

    Saving you money in the end
    The power of a home inspection is finding issues you are not aware of and going back to the seller to renegotiate the selling price. Get them to lower the selling price or provide the seller with the option to repair items before you move in. You have other options such as concessions or offering closing costs credit.

    Take care of your home just like you take care of yourself

    We like to use the analogy of the home inspector as your family doctor. Similar to the family doctor providing you with a checkup of the human body, we provide an initial checkup of your future house. Home inspectors are generalists. A family doctor may see something of concern, so they advise you to see a specialist.

    A home inspector may see an issue and may advise further evaluation by a specialist. The family doctor may find something of concern that can help save your life, and a home inspector may find systems in the house that can be a safety issue or may need repairing or replacing.

    A home inspection is not a warranty or guarantee, because a home inspection is a visual inspection only. It is not a forensic inspection that goes deep into issues, removes walls, measures data, or takes apart systems. But it helps alleviate some fears you may have, and at a time when buying a home is already stressful, don’t you think it’s worth it?

  • Our Focus: Comfort, Safety, and Performance

    We focus on finding issues related to the energy efficiency of a home, potential safety risks to people, and if a system performs the function it is intended to provide. A home inspection covers both the interior and exterior of a house, involving many systems. A home inspector has to have a wide range of knowledge that looks at each one of these systems around the house and evaluates them for comfort, safety, and performance.

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