• Service Areas

    Our main service area is Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Etobicoke and Milton in Ontario, Canada. These beautiful areas consist of a diverse array of housing for people. From skyscrapers, to townhouses to standard single dwelling homes, to bungalows. 

    But this does not prevent us from providing inspection outside this area. Other areas beyond our service area are subject to additional travel fees.

  • Inspection Property Types

    Detached House:

    Detached homes are great houses for larger families. The home inspection includes bungalows, and 2 or 3-story homes, usually with a back and front yard. The homes may have attics, basements, or crawlspaces. 

  • Townhouse:

    Townhouses are great for first-time home buyers, as they are less expensive than detached. There are two types of townhouses; freehold, and condominium townhouses. The main difference is condo townhouses have maintenance fees that cover maintenance around the house such as lawn care, roof, or snow removal. A freehold has no fees because the homeowner takes care of everything around the house.

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  • Condo:

    High-rise condominiums typically have the smallest square footage and lowest costs, so are ideal for single people, or couples. Many people don't think of condo home inspections, but a condo unit inspection can reveal some very concerning issues. Why? What if your neighbour overhead had a flood and there is massive water damage on your ceiling? An IR thermal inspection may reveal it.