• Download our Free Electrical Panel Labels

    Have you spent time finding which breakers are powering your devices and rooms? Download our free panel directory labels for 24, 32 and 42 electrical panel spaces. The format is in standard Microsoft Word. Easy to use: just click on the room, appliance, or areas and drag and drop them to the breaker number on the label directory. Then print it from your laser printer using standard plain paper or, better yet, using full page paper labels.Download it here.
  • New Free Training for Real Estate Agents

    Home Inspector M.D. offers free 30-minute in person training presentations on a variety of subjects related to the home. The presentations offer a deeper look and tips on the systems within the average home. Currently, we are offering 4 subjects for your free training presentations. More will be added, or if you have an idea, please contact us and we will create one.
  • New Company Facebook page

    Check out our new Facebook page. If you prefer to contact us on Facebook, now you can. Also check back on Facebook for interesting finds in homes.Facebook
  • We'll Buy your Home Guarantee

    Home Inspector M.D. is proud to be in association with InterNACHI's “We'll Buy Your Home”  buyback program. For more information, visit our page here.
  • Useful Resource Links

    Website Update: Added new page: Useful Resource links. We provide some useful external website links that can help any new homeowner with renovations. Want to know about building codes? Need help in troubleshooting problems? Want some free sources of education on your house systems? Tips for contractors? Go to this page to find out. 
  • Duct Cleaning: Warning of Scams

    Duct cleaning services are a legitimate business, but there are duct cleaning scams that you should beware of. As a reminder, check out this Global News article. 
  • Move-in Checklist for homeowners

    Check out our new move-in checklist for new homeowners. This has our 9 important things to do after you move into your new home. 
  • "More Homebuyers Are Blaming Their Agents — And Hauling Them To Court"

    This is an interesting article about the increase of lawsuits against real estate agents because the buyers did not get a home inspection before they bought a house. Read the full article here.
  • Holiday Home Safety Tips

       The winter holidays are a time for celebration, and that means more cooking, home decorating, entertaining, and an increased risk of fire and accidents.
  • Teledyne FLIR Announces FLIR ONE Edge Pro

    If you're in the business of inspection, you might be interested in the new FLIR One Edge Pro IR thermal camera. IR thermal cameras have become an integral part of the home inspection business so, new affordable IR thermal cameras are always interesting. A different form factor, this IR thermal camera has no screen built-in, but you can use any screen (phone or tablet) you have. The benefit is you can use a larger screen with a phone or tablet. Unlike previous versions of the FLIR IR cameras with no screen, this is completely wireless, so no need for cable connections.