• Have you already purchased your Home with No Home Inspection?

    What do you know about the largest purchase in your life?

    A post-home inspection is just as important as a pre-home inspection. Prices in the Greater Toronto Area can go beyond a million dollars for townhouses, and far beyond that for detached homes. Multiple bidders drive up home prices to the point that people forgo the home inspection to secure a purchase. We understand why you would forgo the home inspection, but that does not mean you should not forget about it. 

    10 reasons to get a home inspection after you bought your new home

    1. Inspect your home for safety deficiencies (such as electrical) in the home, which is especially critical in a family with small children.
    2. Find issues the client cannot visually see by using IR cameras. The client will not need to purchase expensive devices for limited-time use.
    3. Potential to warn homeowners of problems before they get bigger and more expensive to fix, such as flooding from problematic water fixtures and piping.
    4. Potential to warn homeowners of moisture issues, that can lead to mould or structural issues.
    5. Provide a way to prioritize renovations with a timetable.   
    6. Provide detailed specifications on utility systems in your house. Useful in the future for replacement parts or troubleshooting.
    7. Knowledge. Do you want to know how things work in your new house without spending hours researching? Ideal for first-time home buyers!
    8. Home inspectors investigate places in the house you may feel uncomfortable such as the roof or attic, crawlspace, furnace room, and electrical panel.

    9. The home inspector can be a resource of information after the inspection is complete.
    10.  Time is money and quality of life. Saves you time from researching, and inspecting the house yourself when you can spend quality time with your family.

    With a post-home inspection, our fees are reasonable. There are no hidden costs. No extra charge for weekend inspections, and no extra costs for IR thermal inspections. Please check our fees chart.

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