• Your home inspection will include an easy-to-read, thorough, and easy-to-navigate report.

    The report uses the highly-rated Horizon Inspection Software made by Carson Dunlop.  Your report will be available (in PDF format) within 24 hours or sooner of the home inspection.

    Download your sample report below.

    Tabs of each system are always present at the top of each page, so you are never lost. The report will have detailed information on systems and components in the house for future reference and provide a list of conditions and recommendations found in the home.

    For quick reference, the beginning of the report will have a SUMMARY of the more significant conditions found during the inspection. 

    Each system section will begin with a detailed DESCRIPTION. This will provide specifications on some of your components, such as the water heater, furnace, roof type, electrical panel, and exterior cladding. In the example below, you have in-depth details about the electrical panel and wire specifications in the home. This is useful for future renovations or upgrades.

    The heart of your home inspection report is the OBSERVATIONS. Here, we will report on each issue we find with recommendations. Each condition will have a photo with captions pointing directly to the issue. Some conditions will also have illustrations to provide additional information.

    • Condition: description of the issue found. This can be safety issues, missing parts, a system installed incorrectly, a defect in the system, or damage.
    • Implication(s): what impact on the house does the condition have? Could it lead to water leakage, a fire hazard, a safety issue, or a structural problem? 
    • Task: Provide recommendations on what can be done to solve the condition found. 

    Home safety and maintenance tips

    The report will also provide you with home maintenance and safety tips. Just like you must take care of your health and body, you must also take care of your home. Good preventative maintenance is an effective way to protect your investment and help make systems last longer. Our home inspection reports include a section near the end called OUR ADVICE, ideas to help make sure that your home continues to be safe, comfortable, and efficient.
    At the end of the report is our section called INFRA-RED. This section shows the results of our IR thermal inspection of the house. 

    The Home Reference Book

    As a bonus, every report provides each client with an online PDF version of the “Home Reference Book” by Carson Dunlop for FREE as part of the inspection report. This encyclopedia of homes provides a comprehensive look into all your components and systems of the home. It is over 460 pages of online information, with colour illustrations of systems and components.

    • Homeowner Tips
      Homeowner Tips
    • Filter Backwards
      Filter Backwards
  • Furnace Filters: Installed backwards?

    Did you know there is a correct way to insert a mechanical filter? When you buy a filter, do you just insert it into your furnace without looking at it?

    Why? If you do, then you may have inserted it wrong, which may lead to problems. The filter could be sucked into the blower. This can result in damaging the blower motor, dirt on the blower, condensate coils, or heat exchangers.

    How? Each filter has a small arrow on the edge of the filter, which shows you the direction in which you install the filter. Install the filter with the arrow pointing to the flow of air going into the system. You would usually see one side with a metal mesh. It is that side that should be on the blower side, which helps keep the filter in place. Without the metal mesh, the filter can be sucked into the blower.

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