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    • Water Main Shut-Off
      Water Main Shut-Off
    • Electrical Main Shut-Off
      Electrical Main Shut-Off
    • Gas Shut-Off Valve
      Gas Shut-Off Valve
  • Emergency Shut-off Valves

    Main Water Shut-Off Valve
    A water leak can happen at any time, anywhere, and when you are not home. If you experience a water leak and cannot ID the source of the problem immediately (faucets should have their own shut-off valves), always go to your main water shut-off and close that valve. It is usually in the basement near the front of the house beside the water meter. If your family will be away from your house for more than a day, you may want to shut off the main water before you leave.

    Electrical Main Disconnect
    Any electrical problem will often result in a trip breaker/fuse, but there are occasions where for safety reasons, you need to shut off power to the entire house. This is done with a safety disconnect (typically with a fuse box) or a main breaker near your main panel.

    Gas Shut off Valve
    A gas leak can be fatal, if you sense a gas leak, leave the house immediately and call for help. Knowing where the main gas valve is, is important in stopping more gas from entering the home. Frequently found outside, it is combined with the gas meter. There should be a shut-off valve close to it.